Vein Finder

The portable vein-finding device that can project blood vessels’ image on skin surface accurately and timely. It helps doctors and nurses easily find veins in obese or chemotherapy patients, hairy or dark skin people, and people with varicose veins, fine blood vessels, and vascular obstruction. Suitable for adults, children, and infants. It allows observing the vascular thickness, length, curve, and branch information to determine the best puncture location to avoid pain. Also available optional table stand or mobile trolley.

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The vein finder operates by using infrared light to detect veins beneath the skin, then projecting the position of the veins on the skin surface directly above the veins. Qualified medical personnel can observe the vasculature as displayed to assist them in finding a vein of the right size and position for venipuncture and other medical procedures requiring the location of superficial veins. No training is required to operate this device.

The device only shows superficial vasculature. The maximum depth that veins are displayed varies by patient. In addition, some patients’ veins or a portion of their veins might not be displayed well or at all. Causes for less than optimal or lack of vein display include, but are not limited to, vein depth, skin conditions (e.g., eczema, tattoos), hair, scarring or other highly contoured skin surfaces, and adipose (fatty) tissue.

When held directly overhead, the device accurately locates the center of a vein. Increasing the displacement from directly overhead results in an offset in the displayed vein position. The width of the displayed vein may differ from the actual width depending on patient-to-patient differences and vein width. The center line of the vein is accurate when the device is being used correctly and should always be used as the target when performing venipuncture or other medical procedures.

Vein finder is a portable machine. And the optional is table stand and mobile stand.

Light: harmless infrared light
Display: 5 level adjustable brightness
Detection distance: 15-25 cm
Accuracy: ± 0.3 mm
Noise: =20 dB
Battery: 3400mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Battery time: 3.5 hours
Power supply: output 5V 2.0A, input 100V-240V ac 50Hz-60Hz
Size – Weight: 20×6.2xh 5.5 cm – 280 g

#Packing list:
Main Machine*1
Charging cable*1
Charging adapter*1
Aluminum Carrying Case*1
User’s manual*1
Calibration card*1
Product certification*1
Warranty card*1


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