infusion warmer (Calentador de sangre e infusión) Blood warmer

Blood and Infusion Warmer is to warm the blood or fluid and to relieve the patient’s hyperthermia;
it is widely used before, during, and after operation in ICU, NICU, Pediatric Dept., Emergency Dept., and Outpatient Dept., for heating blood or infusion. Double channels can work at the same time.
Different kinds of detachable heating profiles, direct interface, and simple operation make it user-friendly.
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Blood and infusion warmer (Calentador de sangre e infusión)
1. Wide temperature setting range: 32.0℃~42.0℃, by a step of 0.1℃;
2. Short warming up Time: <2 min;
3. Overheat Protection: 50±5℃, hardware and software protection;
4. Complete alarm function: Overheat, low temperature, system error,
over-time, warming up alarm;
5. Heating Profiles: 2pcs 120cm Silicone heating tube included in the package; (extra 60, 90, 100, 120, 140cm profiles optional);


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